In 1919, MORIHEI UESHIBA, THE FOUNDER of AIKIDO, was living in Hokaido and received news that his father was very ill.
On the way, by train, to see his father in Tanabe, he heard from another passenger, a very enthusiastic story about the OOMOTO religion and its charismatic leader, the REVEREND ONISABURO DEGUCHI, speaking of his teachings and miraculus healings.
Thinking about his father, UESHIBA-SENSEI decided to deviate from his way to Ayabe, and ended up spending a few days there.
While searching through prayers for his father's reestabelishment, he was quickly captvated by REVEREN ONISABURO DEGUCHI.
At that encounter, a spiritual relationship between OOMOTO and AIKIDO was born.
After that encounter.
UESHIBA-SENSEI goes immediately to Tanabe and is informed that his father had passed away.
With his fatherĀ“s passing, someone for whom he had profound affection, he enters in a deep depression state. Passing through this difficult period, he anounces that was going to move to Ayabe with his family.
In the Spring of 1920, he moves to Ayabe. There he puts all his energy into the work and in the Oomoto religion study.
He dedicate himself to meditation and to the study of the essence of the BUDO. He also studies the precepts and develops the understading of KOTOTAMA practice.
The REVEDEN ONISABURO DEGUCHI perceiving the ability of MORIHEI UESHIBA in the Martial Arts, incentives him to transform part of OOMOTO headquaters into a DOJO.
UESHIBA-SENSEI accompanied REVEREND ONISABURO DEGUCHI on many travels and was by his side during critic moments during the OOMOTO expansion.